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OTT Sonicflow

Travel time differential approach for precise flow velocities

The OTT Sonicflow using the ultrasonic travel time principle is designed for continuous discharge measurements in rivers, canals and streams. Thanks to up-to-date ultrasonic technology and smart signal processing, the rugged measuring system provides precise values even in shallow waters. It can be used for waters between 5 m and 200 m in width.

  • Fixed installation
  • Acoustic
  • Flow velocity
  • Ultrasonic travel time system for rivers from 5 to 200 m width. Required minimum water level of 16 cm. Very low power consumption. Robust and flexible transducer mounting structures. Compatible with OTT data logger.
  • ± 10 m/s
  • ± 1 % of measured value ± 2 mm/s
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  • Compact, modular system design: allows for individual configuration according to type of water and requirements
    Rugged transducer support: optimum protection and precise sensor alignment
  • Only little sensor coverage necessary: can also be used in shallow water
  • Intuitive calibration software: professional calibration of the measuring system as well as easy-to-use management of measuring cross-section and system parameters
  • Low power consumption: optional battery or solar operation
  • Continuous discharge measurement in open channels and canals, also in shallow, wide waters, tidal areas, estuaries (backwater, changes in direction of flow)
  • Reliable discharge control in cooling water canals, e.g. in power stations
  • Precise control of tidal gates, sluices, dams, sample collectors etc.
  • Precise flow measurement for controlling irrigation canals
Flow velocity Measurement
Principle Ultrasonic travel time principle
Measuring range ±10 m/s
Accuracy 1% of measured value ±2 mm/s *
* for a single-path standard installation with path length of 100 m and path angle of 45°
Measuring paths
Number 1 ... 8
Path lenght 14 ... 300 m
River width 5 ... 200 m
Ultrasonic transducer frequency 250 kHz (Band width 50%)
Power supply 9 ... 15 V DC (typ. 12V)
Power concumption 300 mA (active); 0.1 mA (stand-by)
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